Terms and Conditions for Candidates

Terms & Conditions for Candidates

1. Scope

The terms and conditions for candidates regulate the cooperation between talegri GmbH (also referred to as “talegri”) and natural persons interested in finding a new employer through the mediation of talegri GmbH (also referred to as “talent” or “candidate”). These General Terms and Conditions apply from 20 April 2020.

2. Conclusion of contract
The contract between talegri GmbH and a talent is concluded with the talent’s consent to the terms and conditions upon registration at https://talegri.com .

talegri GmbH is not obliged to include talents in the talent database. Once the talent profile has been submitted by the candidates, it will be checked by talegri and either entered into the database or rejected.

3. Service and placement
The service of talegri GmbH is free of charge for talents. If a talent is included in the talent database of talegri GmbH, the candidate agrees that the profile he or she has registered will be presented to companies. If the talent accepts a position with a company within 12 months of the first presentation of the profile at that company, this position shall be deemed to have been mediated by talegri GmbH. A job is any type of contractual relationship (permanent employment, fixed-term employment, contractual relationship, hourly wage contract, etc.).

The talent is obliged to inform talegri GmbH at the latest 5 days after signing an employment contract arranged by talegri that a contract has been concluded. The talent agrees that the hiring company may forward all details of the employment contract to talegri GmbH.

4. Referral bonus

talegri GmbH can decide to pay a referral bonus of 1’000 CHF to any person who refers another person (also a “talent” further below) to use the services of talegri. A talent is viewed as being referred to talegri by a person if the following points apply:

– During registration or on first contact, the talent enters the name of the referring person in the corresponding field or mentions the name of the referring person.

– The talent must not have already been registered with talegri at an earlier date. It must be an initial registration.
– The registered talent starts a new job through the mediation of talegri. The new employer acknowledges that the employment contract was concluded through talegri’s mediation and the talent takes up the new position as planned. In addition, the annual salary of the employment contract must amount to at least CHF 60,000.
– The first registration of the new talent happened no more than 12 months ago.
The referral bonus is paid out to the bank or postal account of the referring person within one month of the referred person starting work at their new workplace.

talegri GmbH reserves the right to adjust the provisions regarding the referral bonus at any time.

5. Warranty and liability

The talent is solely responsible for the selection of the new employer and the obtaining of all permits under labour and residence law. talegri GmbH or its employees cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by the client, the hired person or the client’s employees as a result of an employment or an unfulfilled employment. Liability claims (e.g. due to errors or missing wage payments of the new employer) are excluded.

Offers made during the talegri software developer auctions by clients, are not binding and have to be confirmed after potential employee and employer have met (online or offline) for further assessment of the match between the two parties.

6. Data protection
talegri GmbH undertakes to use all data entrusted to it exclusively for the purpose of mediation. The client also undertakes to use the application documents sent to him exclusively for filling positions in his own company. The client is obliged to immediately destroy the application documents of candidates which he has received from talegri if the candidate has not been hired. The client and talegri GmbH themselves are responsible for compliance with the legally applicable data protection regulations.

For detailed information on data protection at talegri, we refer you to our privacy policy.

7. Applicable law
These general terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law.

Should any provision of these general terms and conditions be or become incomplete or ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. In such a case, a provision shall be deemed to have been agreed which comes closest to the expressed intention of the General Terms and Conditions.

8. Place of jurisdiction
Any disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the courts having jurisdiction over the registered office of talegri.