FAQ for Software Developers

FAQ - Software Developers

When our software developer auctions start, a shortlist of anonymous profiles of selected software developers is published for our company clients.

This shortlist remains online for two weeks. During these two weeks, companies can analyse the available profiles and make job offers to the software developers.

Offers consist not only of salary details and fringe benefits, but also of a job description, working conditions like vacation days and many other details relevant to the job. 

After the first offer arrives, software developers can decide which companies will be allowed to see their complete profile. Then they start interviewing for the jobs they like. At the end of the process they will sign a contract with one of the employers (if any of the offers were the right match).

Our promise to you as a software developer is to offer you a quick and easy way to find a new job. We can only keep that promise if your profile corresponds to the profiles our client companies in Switzerland are looking for.
Therefore, in a first step, we will analyse your CV and candidate profile. If we think we can help you to find your dream job quickly, we will have a short phone conversation with you to clarify open questions and find out a bit more about you and your needs.
As a last step, we will send you coding challenges that are tailored to your expertise and future goals.
If you succeed, the results of these challenges will also be made accessible to possible future employers. This will help reduce the number of coding challenges and interviews you will have to do with each job application.

No, our service is 100% free of charge for candidates.

You have control over who can see your complete profile. Companies make job offers based on anonymous profiles where no names or work experiences are shown (only skills and what you are looking for). talegri then forwards these job offers to you and you decide if the company will be allowed to see your profile or not.

No. If you got the perfect offer from a company, you can accept that offer at any time in the auction period.

No. We know there are many factors you will consider before accepting a new job.

We would like to encourage you to look at the whole package (job content, team, company culture, etc.) that is offered to you apart from the salary.

Sure. It is entirely possible to negotiate your salary as you usually would do.

Yes, you can talk to as many companies as you like during the auction period.

No. The offers you receive during the auction are not binding for you. If, after the interview, you decide the job is not for you, you don’t have to accept the offer made by the company.

The same goes for the company who made the offer. If they decide after the interview, that you are not the right person for the job after all, they do not have to hire you.

No, you can continue interviewing with companies even after the auction period is over to make sure you choose the right company.

But once the auction is over, you will not receive any new job offers.

Together with you, we will assess the reasons why you did not get any offers you liked. Depending on this assessment, we will decide together whether it makes sense for you to join the next auction.