FAQ for Employers

FAQ - Employers

When our software developer auctions start, a shortlist of anonymous profiles of selected software developers is published for our company clients.

This shortlist remains online for two weeks. During these two weeks, company recruiters can analyse the available profiles and make job offers to the software developers on the shortlist.

Offers consist not only of salary details, but also of a job description, vacation days and many other details relevant to the job. 

After the first offer arrives, software developers will give feedback to the companies and interviews will start.

Once companies finished their interviews with candidates, they will decide whether to make a final contract offer to the candidate or not.

Any company that has positions open which are interesting for software developers can take part in the auction.

Please request an invite and we will get in touch with you to find out if we can help you.

No. The offers you make during the auction are not binding for you. If, after the interview, you decide the candidate does not match the position you offered him/her, you can take back the offer.

If you decide to make him/her a contract offer though, the conditions have to be at least as good (or better) as the conditions you offered during the auction.

No. As soon as a candidate accepts your job offer, you can start the interview process.

Yes, you can talk to as many candidates as you like during the auction period.

No, you can continue interviewing with candidates even after the auction period is over to make sure you choose the right person.

You will not be able to make any new job offers to candidates though, once the auction is closed.

No. We know there are many factors our candidates consider before accepting a new job.

We would like to encourage you to consider the whole package (job content, team, company culture, etc.) when you make an offer and put forward all your strengths as an employer.

Sure. Typically, our highly sought after candidates will receive more than one job offer. It makes sense for you to adjust your offer depending on the bids that are put forward by other companies. Just make sure your new bid is not lower than the previous highest bid you made.

Remember: salary is not everything. Maybe there are other factors you can change in your offer that can convince a candidate to choose your company.

talegri charges a fee of 12% of the yearly gross salary of the candidate you hire.