About Us

About talegri

We founded talegri to improve the job search for software developers and to simplify the candidate search for employers.


Our developer auctions give candidates a unique opportunity to find out what their skills are worth on the Swiss job market. We achieve this by making sure that software developers get real offers from companies who want to hire them. Offers from companies contain salaries but also non-monetary things like information about tech stack, flex work options, company culture, vacation days and other benefits. The best thing about this: as a candidate you can stay 100% anonymous until you decide to start interviewing.


Companies, on the other hand, get access to a shortlist of candidates who are open for new opportunities. Compared to other sourcing channels the talegri developer auction offers the opportunity to connect with candidates who have been selected and tested before being included in the software developer auction.

About the Founders

Erika Hegi

Erika Hegi



After her psychology studies, Erika first worked as a therapist and career guidance counselor with highly gifted children for several years. 


Many of these children were talented in math and chose software development as their career path. To understand the topic better, Erika herself took some basic programming classes where she discovered her passion for IT.


Looking for a new challenge, she dedicated her further career to bringing together talented people and exciting opportunities in IT and other areas. 


During her time as a Recruiter and Head of HR, she kept noticing things that could be done better or differently in the job market today.

Urs Hegi

Urs Hegi



After finishing his studies in psychology at the University of Bern, Urs moved to Australia for two years. Working in a social housing NGO he learned to deal with people from very diverse backgrounds.


Back in Switzerland, he started his journey in the recruitment industry. Searching for hard-to-find candidates online and offline wherever possible.


Later on he switched sides and worked as HR Business Partner for Hilti in Zurich for five years. During this time, he also finished his Master of Advanced Studies in HR Management at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.


Urs loves to try out new ideas and challenges and is convinced that the job and candidate search process can be improved massively.