The Software Developer Auction for Swiss IT Jobs

Join the Software Developer Auction

…and receive bids from leading Swiss IT companies to find out the value of your developer skills. Apply now and start the selection process to be part of our top talents.

How we help software developers

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Save Time

Save time and effort when looking for a new challenge. Receive several personalized job offers including tech stack, salary and benefits before the first company interview.

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Best Companies and Jobs

Companies participating in our auctions have great working conditions and don't mind being compared with others. This means you can choose from high quality offers.

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Focus on Skills and Privacy

Your personal details stay hidden until you unlock them. This means more privacy for you in your job hunt and it ensures that your skills are, what matters most.

How the software developer auction works

Find out what your skills are really worth on the Swiss job market.


We’ll support you along the way. First we help you prepare a convincing software developer profile for the auction.


Then we help you prepare for the interviews and choose the right career path.


Find out here, what kind of job offers you can expect: Examples of Job Offers


Frequently asked questions

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1. Apply for the auction

Apply with your CV and tell us about your skills and what you are looking for. After a short call and a coding challenge, you will know if you are among the top talents who enter the next auction round.

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2. The software developer auction begins

After the auction starts, companies have 2 weeks to make an offer based on your anonymous profile. Once you get an offer, you decide if the company receives access to your full profile.

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3. Start interviewing

Choose which offers suit you the most and start talking with companies. Find out if you and your potential new employer really are the perfect match.

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4. Sign your dream job

Choose the job you like best and sign your new contract!

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